Freezer Packs

The affordable, convenient way to shop for meat! We have a variety of packs to “meat” your individual needs. Orders will be cut and wrapped to your exact specifications. If you cannot find a pack that “meats” your needs we can customize a package just for you. Home delivery available in the Strathmore and Calgary area.

50% deposit required on all Freezer Packs.

Family Freezer Pack    $149.00

4lbs    Pork Roast
4lbs    Beef Roast
5lbs    Regular Ground Beef
6lbs    Assorted Sausage
1    Garlic Ring
1    Whole Chicken

Economy Pack    $379.00

10lbs    Regular Ground Beef
8lbs    Blade Roast or Steak
8lbs    Cross Rib Roast or Steak
8lbs    Center Cut Pork Chops
5lbs    Beef Short Ribs
5lbs    Lean Stewing Beef
4lbs    Assorted Dinner Sausage
4lbs    Assorted Breakfast Sausage

Budget Pack    $279.00

10bs    Regular Ground Beef

6lbs    Blade Roast or Steak (Boneless)
6lbs    Cross Rib Roast or Steak (Boneless)
6lbs    Pork Chops Center Cut
3lbs    Assorted Dinner Sausage
3lbs    Assorted Breakfast Sausage
3lbs    Assorted Smokies

Family Pack    $719.99

8lbs    Prime Rib Roast or Steak
8lbs    Center Cut Top Sirloin Steak
15lbs    Lean Ground Beef
15lbs    Center Cut Pork Chops
8lbs    Sirloin Tip Roast or Steak
4lbs    Lean Stewing Beef
5lbs    Beef Short Ribs
5lbs    Assorted Dinner Sausage
5lbs    Assorted Breakfast Sausage
9lbs    Case Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
9lbs    Whole Chicken
15 Pcs  Assorted Stuffed Chicken Breasts
6lbs    BBQ Baron of Beef Roast
6lbs    Boneless Pork Leg Roast

Sides of Beef    
1/2 Beef    $4.79/lb
Beef Front    $4.79/lb
Beef Hind    $5.25/lb

Sides of Pork
1/2 Pork    $3.50/lb cut/wrap

BBQ Pig 3.49/lb whole

Weekend Warrior Camping Pack    $189.00

1 Case    Ribeye Steaks
1     Whole Chicken
4lbs    Pork Chops
5lbs    Lean 1/4 Pound Beef Patties
3lbs    Assorted Breakfast Sausage
2 Pkgs    Assorted Pepperoni Sticks
2 Pkgs    Assorted Jerky
2 Pkgs    Assorted Smokies/Wieners

       Gov’t Inspected AAA or AA Beef. All Beef Aged 21 Days. Please allow up to 7 days for pick-up or delivery.